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Introducing a new approach to identity security. Protect what matters with the first adaptive identity security product to give full clarity and control of your access.

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Can your identity security keep up?

Legacy identity security solutions aren’t keeping up with today’s growing identity based threats.

Oleria provides first-of-its-kind fine-grained access visibility including access usage insights at an individual resource level, so CISOs can finally and confidently answer the critical questions: Who has access to what? How did they get it? What are they doing with it?

Source: IBM Cost of a Data Breach 2023


of permissions are unused

Microsoft Security, 2021
State of Cloud Permissions Risks Reports

of breaches use compromised identities

Crowdstrike 2023 Global Threat Report

year-over-year increase in attacks targeting identities


of organizations not investing enough in IAM

Gartner research

Conventional identity
security is broken

Siloed visibility & control across SaaS applications

De-centrally managed access and usage

Reliant on manual, time-and cost-intensive workflows

Oleria provides a single place for adaptive and intelligent access control

Oleria connects identity silos across enterprise IAM and decentralized SaaS platforms to deliver a composite view on identity and access, giving you purpose-built tools to drive least privilege enforcement and shorten investigation and remediation from days to minutes.

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A single source
of identity truth

Oleria integrates identity silos, connecting with Identity and Access Management (IAM) and SaaS platforms to give you a single, composite view on identity, access rights and access utilization. Streamline identity governance and enhance security across your entire digital ecosystem.

Real-time visualization of access utilization

Oleria automatically tracks access utilization and delivers real-time insights on unused or dormant permissions. Drive continuous least privilege enforcement to improve security posture and ensure compliance.

Fine-grained access visibility to the resource level

Oleria provides fine-grained visibility into actions performed across your SaaS applications with activity detail down to the individual resource and distinct operation (e.g. read or update). Rapidly identify suspicious and risky activities and shorten investigation and remediation from days to minutes.

“We began seeing value quickly after implementing Oleria Adaptive Security. I was impressed by the comprehensive visibility we had into our access, including over-provisioned accounts, unintended access, and our coverage of multi-factor authentication. Oleria’s simple user-friendly experience gave us both clarity and direction on where to focus our efforts and the tools to easily detect access issues.”

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