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Working at Oleria means collaborating with industry veterans to make the digital world more secure. And we’re doing it differently.

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The Oleria Team

"I feel energized every day coming to work, knowing there are many compelling scenarios we can enable, to set forth an autonomous and adaptive security solution that will bring freedom instead of fear and restriction to businesses."
Robert Wang
Principal Software Engineer
“Being a part of such a dynamic and exciting workspace with so many motivated and talented individuals has not only inspired me to grow and hone my skills as a professional but also provided me with the opportunity to utilize my expertise and contribute to our collective goal of a more secure future."
Olga Shigapova
Software Engineer
“I love working for Oleria due to the trust in our culture and strong alignment with my personal values. Our product reflects this daily. The team's support for both my growth and that of our customers' makes each day fulfilling.”
Dylan Klohr
Founding Principal Engineer
“I've come to deeply appreciate our foundation at Oleria. The trust we foster, the emphasis on our people, seeing our customers thrive, etc. Being here is more than just a role; it's an enriching experience that has profoundly shaped my career.”
Fernando Giarritiello
Principal Frontend Engineer

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We believe in building a partnership that leverages the collective power of complementary skill sets.

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Our core values

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Trust is core to every relationship. Earning and keeping it is vital to human-focused organizations like ours.

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Great companies are built by great teams.
We are fostering a culture that empowers Olerians to do the best work
of their careers.

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Customer success

We focus on business outcomes, not just tools. We never lose sight of what customers are trying to achieve.

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Our innovation fuels customer innovation. When business is secure, options are limitless and ideas can take flight.

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We believe in creating a safe and equitable world. We are allies ready to take action.
We see this as the only way forward.

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We believe in creating a safe and equitable world. We are allies ready to take action. We see this as the only way forward.

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