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Keeping pace in a dynamic business landscape requires a new security approach. As your ideas 
take flight, so must the growing number of interconnected applications that fuel your collaboration and innovation.

Never before has managing access to increasingly decentralized SaaS apps and sensitive data assets needed to match the speed of your business.

How Adaptive Security works

Security that adapts to your business

Our solution continuously assesses and validates the people, apps, and assets involved in every digital interaction. Your people get the right access at the right time, and you gain peace of mind.

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Prevent breaches, not productivity

Oleria Adaptive Security keeps your digital assets secure through continuous access reviews and remediation. Gain real-time, contextual visibility of who has access to what and the activities taking place to prevent blind spots that leave your business vulnerable to breaches.

Break down barriers

Oleria eliminates static and inflexible identity
and access management that slow digital transformation. Our solution helps security and business teams align cybersecurity goals with business needs. With Oleria, you can build bridges and not barriers.

Adapts to your business

Oleria constantly improves as the needs of your business change. Our solution contextualizes access to what makes your business unique. You can rest assured that Oleria’s adaptive approach protects the data and people you connect with today and into the future.

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