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Oleria Adaptive Security, powered by Oleria’s Trustfusion Platform, gives your dynamic business an identity security solution smart enough to manage access to decentralized SaaS apps — adaptively and intelligently.

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Oleria Adaptive Security integrates with your IAM and SaaS applications in minutes, automatically mapping each application’s identity and access schema onto your organizational identity model to enable centralized, streamlined access management.


Oleria’s Trustfusion Platform is built to meet enterprise security standards including SOC 2 compliance, layered security architecture and granular controls — to keep your data safe.


Oleria Adaptive Security gives you a composite view of identity and access across users and applications, delivering fine-grained access usage visibility at the individual resource level. Intuitive access graphs and purpose-built experiences empower you to protect your business.

A comprehensive identity
security solution

Oleria Adaptive Security enables organizations to harness integrated permissions and usage visibility to give you fine-grained access insights through clear visualizations.

How does the Access Graph work?

Access Graph shows you who has access to what resources, how they got that
access, and what they’re doing with it.

Enforce least
privilege principles

Access Graph makes it easy to understand what access an account has, how it got it and what it is doing with it with intuitive graphic visualizations. Simplify the identification of over-privileged accounts and enforce least privilege permissions to shrink your attack surface area and rapidly reduce data security risk.

Identify & remediate permission risk

Access Graph surfaces potential access and permission risks for any identity – human or machine – or resource across your IAM and SaaS applications. Close security gaps and support the enforcement of appropriate access policies across your ecosystem to minimize breach risk.

Gain holistic
access insight

Access Graph provides a composite view of access across your IAM and SaaS applications — in an intuitive graphic form. Simplify monitoring and investigation across all your applications.

How does the Activity Analysis work?

Activity Analysis gives your security team clear visibility into actions performed on resources across your SaaS applications with activity detail down to the level of the individual resource and fine-grained operation (e.g. read or update). A powerful access sub-graph visualizes potential access paths used, so you can make informed adjustments to strengthen your security posture.

Focused activity
monitoring & investigation

Activity Analysis enables active, fine-grained monitoring of critical accounts including  privileged, break-glass and high-risk access activities. Quickly detect suspicious or unauthorized activity.

Incident investigation across SaaS applications

Investigate security incidents in minutes by gaining visibility into the "who, when and what" of actions performed on resources across your SaaS ecosystem. Access Activity provides an intuitive access sub-graph view that makes it easy to identify potential access paths used and make confident, accurate access adjustments in response.

Comprehensive account activity understanding

Activity Analysis provides a complete view of user activity by integrating data from IAM and SaaS applications, so you get a complete understanding of user activities and can improve security measures.

How does Account Utilization work?

Account Utilization turns comprehensive account access visibility into actionable insights so you can optimize access, ensure compliance and enhance security.

Identify inactive & dormant user accounts

Account Utilization makes it easy to identify unused accounts. Remove unused accounts to reduce your potential attack surface and eliminate unnecessary subscription costs.

Administrator-level access assessment

Identify accounts with unnecessary administrative  or privileged permissions
to optimize security without
compromising productivity.

Securing application accounts

Enhance system security by understanding  your SaaS account types (machine, break-glass, SSO, and external) and their API access, roles, and MFA status all in one place.

How does Access Inventory work?

Access Inventory brings all the identity data from your SaaS apps into one place to simplify third-party access management, enable advanced analytics and accelerate compliance processes.

Unified identity source of truth

Access Inventory consolidates identity silos into a single source of truth. Leverage accurate and up-to-date data on user identities, access rights, and attributes to streamline access governance activities across all your systems and applications.

Third-party access

Access Inventory delivers a single view of permission insights for external users to simplify third-party access management. This allows you to easily observe, assess and manage external users' interactions with your organization's resources.

Understand and safeguard externally shared resources

Gain visibility into resources shared with individuals or entities outside your organization. Oleria provides a comprehensive approach
to managing and safeguarding these assets, ensuring proper access controls and mitigating potential risks.

How does Risk Monitoring work?

Risk Monitoring delivers holistic understanding and focused insights on risks spanning identity, access, and security, for your SaaS applications. Detect anomalies in real time to mitigate breach risk, and proactively enforce robust security policies to enhance security and compliance.

Proactive risk insights

Risk Monitoring surfaces alerts and insights on new and emerging risks across identity, access, integration, security, compliance, and data for your SaaS applications. See risk sooner and respond faster using recommendations.

Unified risk perspective

Risk Monitoring automatically integrates risk assessment data from diverse sources, including IAM and SaaS platforms. This unified perspective evaluates and provides a comprehensive view of identity-related risk.

Improved security posture

Continuous, automated risk monitoring and regular security audits catch emerging risk early. Risk Monitoring helps you drive a more proactive approach to risk management to protect your business and ensure compliance with evolving regulations.

How does Group Utilization work?

Group Utilization provides an intuitive visualization of group permissions, allowing for easy identification of members who aren’t using access provided by group membership.

Understand group privileges

Group Utilization provides easy-to-understand visualizations of access paths that show how group permissions provide individual accounts access — down to the specific file or resource level.

Enable least privilege enforcement

Group Utilization flags unused group permissions, as well as groups with a lower percentage of active use. Enforce least privilege principles by removing underutilized group permissions and providing more targeted individual-level permissions to high-utilization users.

Eliminate unused groups

Quickly identify inactive and unnecessary groups to enhance your security and streamline access management.

“We began seeing value quickly after implementing Oleria Adaptive Security. I was impressed by the comprehensive visibility we had into our access, including over-provisioned accounts, unintended access, and our coverage of multi-factor authentication. Oleria’s simple user-friendly experience gave us both clarity and direction on where to focus our efforts and the tools to easily detect access issues.”

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How Oleria works

Oleria’s Trustfusion Platform ingests and transforms your organization’s access and usage data across enterprise systems into a common access schema that is human readable – saving time, energy and cost while offering full identity and access visibility down to the resource level.

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