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April 12, 2024


Oleria provides adaptive and autonomous access security that sets your business free. As part of that promise, we provide deep integration of your Salesforce application into the Oleria platform. This document provides step-by-step guidance to integrate your Salesforce application instance with the Oleria workspace.


  • Salesforce Admin role

Steps to Integrate Salesforce with Oleria Workspace

Step 1: Create the Oleria app in your Salesforce instance

1..1 Login to your Oleria workspace, select Integrations → select Salesforce

1.2. Opens a side page with pre-requisites and a link to the onboarding instructions. Click Continue 

1.3. Provide your Salesforce URL and click Authenticate.

1.4. Authorize Oleria access to create a connected app called “Oleria” in your Salesforce application.

Note: You will see an error creating integration notification “User hasn’t approved this consumer”.  Ignore this message and complete Steps 2 and 3 to install the Oleria app and Oleria Access permission set in your Salesforce application

Step 2: Install Oleria app in your Salesforce application 

2.1. Login to your Salesforce application, search “Connected Apps OAuth Usage”, select “Oleria” app and click Install

2.2. After completing  the Oleria app installation, select “Edit Policies” 

2.3. Navigate to the OAuth Policies section, set Permitted Users to “Admin approved users are pre-authorized” and click the Save button.

Step 3: Create a Permission Set for Oleria Access

3.1. Navigate to Permission Sets and select New to create a new permission set “Oleria Access”

3.2. Give Label as “Oleria Access” and API Name as shown below, save the permission set.

3.3. Open Oleria Access Permission set, select  Manage Assignments to assign  a user

Select Add Assignment and assign a user

3.4. Open Oleria Access Permission set, select “Assigned Connected Apps” to add “Oleria” app to the Oleria Access permission set

Select Edit in the Assigned Connected Apps section, select Oleria and click save.

3.5. Select System Permissions

Click Edit and select “View All Data” and “View Health Check” as shown below

Search order and select Orders

Click Edit and select Order Name as shown below

Note: Skip this if the Orders object does not exist

Step 4: Integrate your Salesforce application to your Oleria Workspace

4.1. Goto your Oleria workspace, select Integrations → select Salesforce

4.2. Provide your Salesforce URL and click Authenticate.

4.3. You can find a newly integrated Salesforce instance in your Oleria workspace connected integrations

Salesforce Shield

If Shield Event Monitoring is available with your instance, Oleria can provide more insights by enabling those permissions in the created permission set

  • View Real-Time Event Monitoring Data
  • Credential Stuffing Event Stores
  • Report Anomaly Event Store
  • Session Hijacking Event Store
  • API Anomaly Event Stores

Please also enable Data Streaming and Data Storage for all the events.

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