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April 26, 2024


Oleria provides adaptive and autonomous access security that sets your business free. As part of that promise, we provide deep integration of your Google Workspace into the Oleria platform. Google Workspace includes both Google Cloud Identity (Admin) and Google Drive. This document provides step-by-step guidance to integrate Google Workspace with your Oleria workspace.


  • Google Super Admin privileges.
  • Grant domain wide delegation to Oleria app for the required scopes 

Steps to Integrate Google Workspace with Oleria workspace

Step 1: Grant domain wide delegation to Oleria app for the required scopes 

1.1. Use Super Admin account to login to your Google Workspace  and select Admin console 

1.2. In the Admin console, go to  or 

 Menu → Security → Access and data control → API controls → Manage Domain Wide Delegation.

1.3. Click Add new → enter Client ID and scope → click Authorize 

Client ID : 101716000692695758600

OAuth scopes:,,,,,,,,,,,


Step 2. Integrate Google Workspace to your Oleria Workspace

Goto your Oleria workspace, select Integrations → select Google Workspace

Click Authenticate to complete the integration.

Provide the super admin credential and complete the authentication process

You can find a newly integrated Google Workspace instance in your Oleria workspace connected integrations

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