Microsoft Entra ID & M365 SharePoint Integration

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May 14, 2024


Oleria provides adaptive and autonomous access security that sets your business free. As part of that promise, we provide deep integration of your Microsoft Entra ID and M365 SharePoint into the Oleria platform. This document provides step-by-step guidance to integrate Entra ID and M365 SharePoint with your Oleria workspace.


  • You require one of the following licenses. Refer to the Where to check Microsoft License details section for more details.
    • E5 license ( includes Entra ID P1 and P2)
    • E3 lIcense ( includes Entra ID P1)
    • Microsoft Business Premium ( includes Entra ID P1)
    • Standalone Entra ID P1
    • Standalone Entra ID P2
  • Global Admin privileges
  • Enable M365 audit logs

Enable M365 audit logs

You must be assigned the Audit Logs role in Exchange Online to turn auditing on or off. By default, this role is assigned to the Compliance Management and Organization Management role groups on the Permissions page in the Exchange admin center.

Use either Compliance Portal or PowerShell to configure your organization's M365 audit logs.

Note: Please select either option 1 or option 2 to enable audit logs

Option 1: Turn auditing in the compliance portal:

Option 2. Turn auditing using PowerShell 

Set-AdminAuditLogConfig -UnifiedAuditLogIngestionEnabled $true


A message is displayed saying that it may take up to 60 minutes for the change to take effect.

Steps to Integrate Entra ID and M365 with Oleria workspace

Step 1: Login to  your Oleria workspace, select Integrations → select Microsoft 

Step 2: A side page opens, click “Continue”

Step 3: A consent form shows up to grant permissions for the Oleria Application to view the basic profile and read access. Complete the consent form by selecting “Accept” .

Step 4: Select an account and complete authentication

Step 5: Application consent form will show up with a list of permissions requested. Complete the consent form by selecting “Accept” 

Step 6:  Find a newly integrated Entra ID and M365 SharePoint  instances in your Oleria workspace connected integrations

Check Oleria App in your Entra ID instance

1. Login to your Entra ID instance, navigate to “Enterprise applications” → Select  “All applications”

You will find the Oleria application in the Enterprise applications.

2. Select the Oleria application, navigate to “ Roles and administrators”

You will find 2  roles 

  1. Cloud Application Administrator 
  2. Report Reader 

3. Select permissions to view the read permissions granted to the Oleria application

Where to check Microsoft License details?

1. Login to license page and check your organization licenses

2. You can also verify from Entra ID License tab

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